Play Momentum missile mayhem Game


Description : Located in a canyon, your gravitational canon is the only defense against an enemy invasion. Enemy units come flocking in and it’s your job to prevent them from reaching the end.\r\n\r\nAlthough the cannon is a very potent weapon, successfully stopping the invasion depends entirely on the skills of the operator. Hurl the projectiles towards your enemies and turn them into rubble.\r\n\r\nWarning: file size is 6.5MB, expect long loading time.
Controls : Fire gravitational projectiles into enemy units.\r\nMake sure you don’t let too many units through and don’t allow your canon to be destroyed.\r\n\r\nUse the mouse to fire the canon. Click the centre and drag it back to set the direction and power.\r\nThe more power you give to a shot, the more unstable it will be. Instability will add a chance of the mortar exploding before it is fired, causing damage to the canon.\r\n\r\nEnemy units will bounce back or explode when they are hit.\r\nHaving them bounce against other units will do further damage.\r\n\r\nYou will receive skill points as you level up. Use these to upgrade your gun, or invest in special abilities.

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