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Description : A 12 player, team based strategy game. Two teams of up to six players must battle to defeat each other’s base. 8 units, or Minions, to choose from with 3 unique skills each. Level up and upgrade during battle to turn your Minion into a deadly machine. Combine with your team-mates to launch synchronized attacks on the opposing team while avoiding theirs.
Controls : Use left mouse click to move and attack. Click on a skill to activate it, some skills require a target which will be indicated by a purple cursor. As you level up skills can be upgraded, look for the red upgrade buttons. Keys:

X – toggle camera follow off/on. Mouse Wheel – scroll up / down.

Space – center view on Minion. 1,2,3 – activate a skill.

Escape – deselect skill, or stop unit. Enter – open/send chat.

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