Play Colony Age Robot Outbreak Game


Description : In this game you're controlling robot.
Robot has 7 different main weapons to shoot down hostile robots and objects.
Laser tool – Automatically switches to destructive laser or welding laser:
Laser (red laser) can be used to cut through obstacles and to destroy enemy bots.
Welder tool (blue laser) is used to fix and construct ally turrets & robots.
Shield is used to absorb damage from hostiles.
Magnet allows to grab and drag crates, mines, turrets and several other things.
Robot can be customized. Wheels - (Health and speed bonuses). Head - (Weapon). Chassis - (Health and speed bonuses).Lights - (Visually)
Controls : Arrows & WASD – Movement. Mouse – Targeting and firing

R - Restart Level. Shift – Change Gun (Can be also change using mouse)

Space – Change between Laser Tool, Magnet Tool and Gun (Can be also change using mouse)

0 – 9 Guns. F – Secret Weapon (When unlocked)

Enter – Start wave (Can be also started using mouse). H – Tutorial Help

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